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Total Drama Stardom
Season 2.2
Season 4 Promo3.png
Genre Animation
Reality television
Created by Wildspanishdude
Preceded by Total Drama Cruise
Succeeded by Total Drama Return to the Island

Total Drama Stardom is the fourth season of my camp and "All Star Season. 12 old contestants who have done the best in my camp and 6 new contestants are joining in this season also for the biggest and best season ever. There will be 20 episodes. It will take plays at Wawanacka Island. This season will have two teams. A team of 8 and 9.


  • Kankero
  • Dakota - Winner
  • Tyler
  • Ziggy
  • Courtney
  • Cody
  • Dawn
  • Trent
  • Lindsay
  • Justin
  • Scott
  • Noah
  • Katie
  • Zoey
  • Samey
  • Topher
  • Sky
  • Heather

Team Long Lasters

Kank, Dakota, Tyler (Recently Joined), Cody,Trent, Lindsay, Justin, Scott, Katie

Team Short Starters

Tyler (Left), Ziggy, Courtney, Dawn, Noah, Zoey, Samey, Topher, and Sky


If a person is not called at a bonfire they will take the fall of shame.

Participant Team Status Placing
Sky Short Starters 1st Voted Out
in Cookie Mania
19th Place Non-Merged
Cody Long Lasters 2nd Voted Out
in A Big Surprise
18/17th Place
Topher Short Starters 3rd Voted Out
in A Big Surprise
18/17th Place
Tyler Long Lasters 4st Voted Out
in Something Suspicious
16th Place
Scott Long Lasters 5th Voted Out
in The Love Triangle Returns
15th Place
Noah Short Starters 6th Eliminated
in Ultimate Blindside
14th Place
Dawn Short Starters 7th Voted Out
in A Helping Hand
13th Place
Samey Short Starters 8th Voted Out
in A Golden Key
12th /11th  Merged
Trent Long Lasters 9th Eliminated
in A Golden Key
12th /11th 
Justin Long Lasters 10th Voted Out
in Friendship
10th /9th 
Zoey Short Starters 5th Eliminated
in Friendship
10th /9th 
Dawn Long Lasters 12th Voted Out
in Everything about Dakota
8th Place
Lindsay Short Starters 13th Voted Out
in Worst Episode Ever
7th Place
Heather No Team 14th Voted Out
in Dakota Vs Katie
6th Place
Kank Long Lasters 15th Eliminated
in Short and Simple Episode
5th Place
Katie Long Lasters 16th Eliminated
in The Episode Before Finale
4th Place
Courtney Short Starters 17th Eliminated
in Time to Shine
3rd Place
Ziggy Short Starters Runner-Up in Time to Shine 2nd Place
Dakota Long Lasters Winner in Time to Shine 1st Place


  • This season was originally suppose to be a all-star season.
  • This season got the most new people out of all others.
  • This is the last season to show the old Mateo.
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