Total Drama Island 2
Season 1
Country of origin USA
Genre Animation
Reality television
'Episode Count

Youtuber' || 13

Created by Wildspanishdude
Developed by Wildspanishdude
Succeeded by Total Drama Castaways

Total Drama Island 2 Is the first season on Youtube with real people.


14 Contestant are put into a camp to fight,Betray, and To win one million dollars.The Cast is below with the youtuber Name.

  • Zoey-Ali Sadik
  • Mike-Robloxhuter125
  • Tyler-Riley Felt
  • Justin-Boy101
  • Bridgette-Margie Rutledge
  • Cody-Agdude6
  • Sierra-Sameed Akbar
  • Geoff-Drew Raskin
  • Alejandro-Chris Sharp
  • Heather-Sup3rnint3nd0
  • Courtney-Poke Moe
  • Dawn-Kankero2000
  • Sam-ClutchGamer
  • Lindsay-Brennan_weaver


The Elimination Table shows the contestants that have been eliminated in a episode.They will recieve a marshmellow if they are safe. If they dont that mean they are eliminated from the show.

Participant Team Status Placing
Alejandro Team Athletic

1st Voted Off in NewComers

14th Place Non-Merged
Sam Team Popular

Returns in Randomised
1st Eliminated in NewComers

Tyler Team Athletic

3rd Kicked Out in Quiz Me

13th Place
Mike Team Athletic

4th Voted Out in Quiz Me

12th Place
Justin Team Athletic

5th Voted Out in Cake Boss

11th Place
Courtney Team Popular

6th Voted Out in Randomised

10th Place Merged
Heather Team Athletic

7th Eliminated in Randomised

9th Place
Sierra None

Debuted in Hateful Feelings
8th Voted Out in Hateful Feelings

8th Place
Geoff Team Popular

9th Banned in Hateful Feelings

7th Place
Bridgette Team Athletic

10th Voted Out in Casa of the losers

6th Place
Sam Team Popular

11th Voted Out in That's Enough

5th Place
Lindsay Team Popular

12th Eliminated in Speed Matters

4th Place
Zoey Team Athletic

13th Eliminated in Speed Matter

3rd Place
Cody Team Popular

14th Eliminated in The Epic Finale

2nd Place
Dawn Team Popular

Winner in The Epic Finale

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