Total Drama Cruise
Season 2.1
Country of origin USA
Genre Animation
Reality television
'Episode Count

Youtuber' || 13

Created by Wildspanishdude
Developed by Wildspanishdude
Preceded by Total Drama Castaways
Succeeded by Total Drama Stardom

Total Drama Cruise is the third season of Wildspanishdude's Youtube Camp.


Total Drama Cruise is the third season of Wildspanishkid's camp. It was confirmed March 1st 2014. This season will take place on a boat. There will only be 11 episode during this season. There will only be 15 contestants playing this season.


  1. Cody - Agdude6
  2. Kitako(OC) - Kankero2000
  3. Heather - Ali Sadik
  4. Courtney - MsAwesomeCrew
  5. Lindsay - Sian Levko
  6. Trent - Zameed Akbar
  7. Dakota - Alexis Smith
  8. Dawn - LuigiMariofy
  9. Dave - ClutchGamer
  10. Ella - RobloxHunter123
  11. Duncan - Sup3rnint3nd0
  12. D.J - RobloxHunter125
  13. Gwen - Codyfan4ever
  14. Tyler - Gaberiel Williams
  15. Izzy - Brennan Weaver

    Team Wave


This season has 16 episodes. They will sing each episode. They will travel to some locations near water.

Team Plank

The Two Teams are going to be called Team Wave and Team Plank. The very first episode of Total Drama Cruise will not have teams right away. At the end of the episode one player will go home. The two winners get to Choose their Teams.

Elimination Table

Participant Team Status Placing
DJ None 1st/2nd Voted out
in Setting Sail
16th/15th Place Non-Merged
Ella None
Duncan Planks 3rd Voted out
in Love and Hate
14th Place
Dawn Water 4th Voted out
in Mainly Drama
13th Place
Justin Planks 5th Killed
in Please the Host
12th Place
Izzy Planks 6th Killed
in Three Fatty Patties
11th Place Merged
Trent Water 7th Killed
in Three Fatty Patties
10th Place
Gwen Water 8th Killed
in Three Fatty Patties
9th Place
Courtney Planks 10th Voted Out
in School Work
8th Place
Kank Planks 11th Voted Out
in Short Episode
7th Place
Cody Water 12th Voted Out
in Final 4 comes too Quick
6th Place
Heather Planks 13th Voted Out
in Final 4 Comes too Quick
5th Place
Lindsay Water 14th/15th Voted out
in The Last Chance to Victory
4th/3rd Place
Tyler Water
Dakota Planks Runner-Up in The Final Battle
Dave Water Winner in The Final Battle
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