TotalDrama Fan
Short Starter
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Black
Place TDS: TBA
Relationship Dakota(Kinda)
Enemies Kank

TotalDrama Fan is a contestant who appered in Season 4 and placed on Team Short Starters

Season 4[edit | edit source]

Starting of the game as Noob Ziggy, he did not know many people. However he stared to make quick friendships and an unlikely attraction with Dakota.

Ep 1 ~ Cookie Mania

Starting of as a noob, Ziggy was a floater in the first challenge by not making confessionals and not doing the challenge. His team saw him as a massive floater. At elimination Ziggy was in the bottom 2 along with Sky, thankfully he was spared.

Ep 2 ~ A Big Surprise

Due to his weak peformance in episode 1 he wanted to up his game, so he was one of the first people to jump the cliff. However due to Topher not doing the challenge Ziggys team had to got elimination once again. Kank spotted something mysterious about Ziggy and he was right, Ziggy was flirting with Dakota right infront of Kank's eyes. At elimination his team still considered him as a floater and was voted out but in a shock twist Topher was kicked out for being the biggest floater ever, and Ziggy remained in the game!

Ep 3 ~ Something Suspicious

Ziggy gets a chance to comfort Dakota as she is worried Kank is cheating on her.

Ep 4 ~ The Love Triangle Returns

Even thought Dakota thinks she and Kank our on the same page, she shares a kiss with Ziggy but little do they know Katie and Heather are watching.

eP 5 ~ The Ultimate Blindside

Blah Blah Blah, At elimination Ziggy surprisingly pulls an idol and saves him self and blindsides Noah.

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