[[The Love Triangle Returns|

The Love Triangle Returns
Season 4, Episode 4
The Love Triangle Returns.png
First aired (USA) May 25, 2014
Challenge(s) Paintball
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Short Starter
Eliminated Scott
Episode guide
"Something Suspicious"
"The Ultimate Blideside"

The Love Triangle Returns]] is the fourth episode of Total Drama Stardom.


Mateo starts the show off by telling that the challenge is paintball. They watch as the contestants get shot down but the winners were Team Short Starters thanks to Zoey. Dakota and Kank test their relationship by asking each other if they love each other. Which the both say they do. Justin and Kank reunite together saying they havent meet in a long time. Justin gives Kank some idea that who ever stays in the game longer gets too be his girlfriend. Courtney tells Lindsay and Trent that she hopes they both make it to merge then they can be in a alliance. Dakota in a confessional says that Kank thinks he can make her jealous by hanging out with katie ill show him. Dakota goes up to Ziggy and kisses him while Katie and Heather are watching. Katie runs and tells Kank. Katie has too tell Chris something but dakota walks by which ruins everything. At elimination it came down to Justin and Scott but in the end Scott went home.

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