The Epic Finale
Season 1, Episode 13
Mateo Host 3.png
First aired (USA) February 11th 2014
Challenge(s) The Eliminated Contestants vote who they want to win this season
Reward(s) 1,000,000 Dollars
Winner(s) Dawn-Kankero2000
Eliminated Cody-Agdude6
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"Welcome to The Main Event

from Total Drama Castaways"

The Epic Finale is the Last episode of Total Drama Island 2 Camp.In the last episode the final two contestants are sent to the end of the dock where mateo is standing holding the million dollars. Mateo then sends them to the confessionals where they can tell us how they feel about the finale. When they come back Mateo reveales the votes. In a tie Cody and Dawn have a tie in votes. Bridgette is the last vote. For some odd reason someone didnt vote. Well Bridgette decided that dawn should win the million dollars. In that case she did.

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