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Team Popular
Team Popular.jpg
Number of members 6
Highest ranking member Dawn-Kankero2000 1st Place
Lowest ranking member Courtney-Poke Moe 10th Place
Team selected by Mateo

Team Popular was a team in Total Drama Island 2

Overview[edit | edit source]

The team consisted of Dawn, Cody, Lindsay, Sam, Geoff and Courtney

In NewComers the team had to immediately eliminate a player. In a 2 - 3 vote Sam got the boot and Dawn was safe. Safe got flushed with Alejandro who was on the opposing team, Team Athletic.

In the episode Twist, Bridgette won immunity because it is now the merge. The votes except for 2 were pointed at Dawn. Dawn however had the invincibility idol so she wasn't flushed. Everyone had to vote between Sierra and Courtney, one of them will be eliminated. The next episode; Randomized, It was revealed that Courtney was eliminated making her second to be voted off from Team Popular. Sam returned in this episode too.

In the episode Hateful Feelings the votes were ignored because Geoff took it upon himself to mess up the website. Mateo was really angry so he banned Geoff.

In the episode That's Enough, They had to write essays about ice cream. Dawn won immunity so she earned a spot further into the game. They went to Camp Castaway to vote out the loser. When they did, it turned out that it was Sam who got the most votes and he was the first person ever to use the Cannon of Shame.

In the episode Speed Matters it was a double automatic elimination. It is the final 4 and 3 of the 4 are on team popular. For the first part of the challenge they had to say "Hi" on 3 videos. Lindsay didn't make it in time so she got flushed. In the second part, they had to go on the website and write a five sentenced biography about theirselves. The first person to do it was Dawn so she made it to the finale. After that, Zoey did it too but unfortunately for her it was written in a code so she had to fix it. Cody made it slightly before Zoey did earning him a spot in the finale. Either way, Team Popular won the season and Team Athletic loss.

In The Epic Finale the losers had to vote who won. It was a tie but then it was up to Bridgette who hasn't cast her vote yet and Alejandro didn't vote for some reason. Bridgette voted for Dawn and that was a point over Cody making Dawn the winner.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Smallest team yet only team to make it to the finale.
  • Never lost a challenge before the merge
  • Courtney was the first girl to ever be eliminated
  • Five made it to the merge but Sam came back so all of the team made it to the merge
  • Had an even amount of girls and boys
  • Had a returner on the team
  • Team color is pink
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