Something Suspicious
Season 4, Episode 3
Something Suspicious.png
First aired (USA) May 23, 2014
Challenge(s) The challenge was a Parody from back in Total Drama Island 2 in episode Quiz Me. They had to answer questions about Total Drama.
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Short Starter
Eliminated Tyler
Episode guide
"A Big Surprise"
"The Love Triangle Returns"

Something Suspicious is the third episode of Total Drama Stardom.


The Whole Cast that is left on the island are standing in front of the cabins while Mateo tells them important news that Tyler has quit the game. Mateo takes them to the toilet where tyler gets flushed. Mateo then explains that the challenge is a parody from Total Drama Island from episode Quiz Me. Courtney asks people if they have answers for the quiz. Both Katie and Kank look at each other. Dakota starts to suspect things. Then Heather who is hiding on the island wants to find out what is going on between them. Mateo then explains that the winners of the challenge is Team Short Starters and that Team Long Lasters lose but they dont have to go to elimination since tyler quit the game.

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