HI am robloxhuter125 i played Mike in total drama island 2 and right now am playing heather in Total drama Castaway

Am a nice boy to be in a amazing C.O.M.P.

Total drama island 2

I played mike in total drama island 2 he is the most evil in it with mal but sadly he got boot in Season 1 Episode 2 in Quiz me he got angry but still he has not friend.

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Total Drama Castaway

I play heather in Total drama castaway am still in it happy to be in it hope i win his season 

becasue last season didnt go so well so hope i win good luck to the other CONTESTANT PECIES OUT.

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My own infobox

As of the Permanent Characters stuff. Roblox will be playing as D.J for the rest of the time he is in my camp

Team Athletic,

Team Founders

D.J Icon.png
Gender Male
Place TDI2: 12th Place
Friends Alexis Smith,Kankero2000
Enemies Robloxhunter123
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