Total Drama Island 2 Episode 6 Randomized

Randomized is episode 6 of Total Drama Island 2


In the previous episode Dawn had the idol so the campers had to vote between Sierra and Courtney. They all voted and it turned out in a vote of 2 - 5 Courtney was eliminated. After Courtney was flushed, Sam made a return. After that it, Mateo said that the original challenge was to design an outfit but he changed his mind. Sierra won that challenge anyways. Then the next challenge was about having luck. They had to survive the randomizers choice which makes it a sudden death elimination. The last two people were Sam and Heather. Whoever isn't called is automatically eliminated. That person turned out to be Heather so she was immediately eliminated so there was no elimination ceremony.


  • Sam was voted to return.
  • Sam just came back but he was almost eliminated.
  • This episode showed the channel intro.
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