[[Image:Mateo Updated.png|center|100px]]
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Black
Relationship Taylor (Ended)
Friends Everyone

Mateo, Labeled Nice Host. Mateo Appears In Total Drama Island 2 as the Host. Mateo appears in Total Drama Castaways as the Host as well. He is the Host for the TDCamps


Mateo is not the Main antagonist. Mateo's personality is sweet, Caring. Mateo some episodes can be a little harsh and mean. In season 1 Episode Hateful Feelings. He Eliminated Geoff for something that he has done. But other times he can be a jerk by putting twist on the contestants. In Season 2 he told Blaineley to leave his new Intern Chris alone or she will be auto eliminated. He usually says sorry in the end.

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