Team Popular
Gender Male
Place TDI2: 15/14th Place

TDI2: 5th Place

Friends Kankero2000

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Section heading[edit | edit source]

ClutchGamer is a contestant on WildSpanishKids' Total Drama Camp.  Sam was eliminated first/second in the season, but he made a return in the final 9.  Clutch then won 3 immunity challenges and made it to the final 6.  After that, ClutchGamer (Sam) survived a fan-voting challenge.  After that, ClutchGamer made an alliance with Brennan Weaver (Lindsay) and attempted to vote off Cody (Agdude6.)  Sam was not as lucky as before, as he was eliminated in a 3-2 vote.  Sam took 5th place.  ClutchGamer will compete again in Total Drama Castaways as Brick.

ClutchGamer's Personality From Season 1[edit | edit source]

ClutchGamer was a nice person in season 1, always making sure that everyone was happy.  That is, until he was eliminated in the first episode.  After that point, ClutchGamer (Sam) vowed to come back into the game and make his way to the finals.  Clutch succeded in coming back into the game, where his only focus was climbing his way to the top.  ClutchGamer wanted to eliminate everyone, but he kept secret about it by not telling anyone.  That was the cause of his downfall.  Clutch was in the final 5 when he didn't communicate with the other contestants well enough.  ClutchGamer took fifth in a 3-2 vote.  Clutch left with his head held high, and being shot out of a cannon.

ClutchGamer's Personality From Season 2[edit | edit source]

ClutchGamer has recovered from his loss in season 1 and now plays Brick.  ClutchGamer entered season 2 with great confidence in himself.  After his team stayed clear of elimination for the first 2 episodes, Clutch was estatic for his team.  The third challenge, however, ClutchGamer's team lost, sending Team Lost to the elimination ceremony.  ClutchGamer was very thankful that Lightning quit, as he would have had to go into a tie breaker challenge with Bridgette.  ClutchGamer is still in the competition, and is giving his all in every challenge that the host gives.

Ice Cream Essay[edit | edit source]

Ice cream is the greatest thing in all of mankind.  Without ice cream, the entire world would be sad.  What would we eat when we are sad?  What would we eat when we are with friends?  My personal favorite type of ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough.  

There are so many different kinds of ice cream!  There's the normal types like vanilla, chocolate, and chocolate chips.  Then, there's the very strange types like bacon, lobster, and toothpaste... I don't think I'll try those ones...

The only type of ice cream that I refuse to try is Courtney's ice cream sundae in Total Drama All Stars.  Bird poop really isn't my thing.  I wouldn't mind eating Mal's ice cream though!

Courtney's ice cream in Total Drama All Stars

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