Alexis is a character in my camp

Alexis is probably the most strategic player this channel has ever seen. In TOTAL DRAMA CASTAWAY'S he laid low and tried his best in all of the challenges. He one many and some how made it to the final 2. He lost against Katie (Ali Sadik) Still he played an amazing game! In TOTAL DRAMA CRUISE Alexis Changed his charactor to Dakota godess. He fought and fought. He had originaslly made an alliance with KAnk and Anne Maria. There alliance was strong until the merge. Players started dropping like flies. Alexis had to make a strategic move. He started talking to Dave and Tyler and formed a side alliance with them. Anne Maria left the game so Tyler and Dave were the only allies he had left. So he worked with them. Luckily Alexis made it to the Final 2 once again alongside Dave (ClutchGamer). Although Alexis fought hard he did not win he fell into the 2nd place slot once again. Then TOTAL DRAMA STARDOM was anounced and Alexis was cast once again as Dakota. Going into the game Alexis didnt really have a plan. But WildSpnaidhKid really wanted there to be more drama in his camp, so i started some up. I started a love trinalge with Katie and Kank. To this day this drama has taken over the camp. Along side the love triangle between Ziggy, Kank, and Dakota. Dakota (Aleixs Smith) became pregnent. This passerd episode. But nothing will stop her from being the TOTAL DRAMA STARDOM winner! And i mean no one. So yeah i'm Alexis Smith :D

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