A Big Surprise
Season 4, Episode 2
A Big Surprise.png
First aired (USA) May 15th 2014
Challenge(s) First team to get all players off the cliff wins
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) None
Eliminated Cody, Topher
Episode guide
"Cookie Mania"
"Something Suspicious"

A Big Surprise is the second episode of Total Drama Stardom.


The Episode starts off a little weird with Trent walking past Mateo saying Hi and Bye. The Challenge was to jump off the cliff. First team to get all players down won. Two Players didnt jump casuing both teams to go to elimination. Later Ziggy and Kank argue over Dakota. Kank and Katie hang out until Dakota walks up and ruins the moment. In the elimination a surprizing elimination happening send out two players, Cody and Topher.

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